Terms & conditions

SAY Site agreement

Dear user, the agreement in front of you is concluded between the C site belonging to Ariana Analysts Company and the dear users, the purpose of which is to create a safe environment so that users, both managers and employees, can exchange job information using the facilities of this site.This agreement will be valid after the time of registration of the user on the site, whenever he uses the facilities of the site. And if you do not agree with these terms, the user will not be able to use the site services.

Article 1- Acceptance of SAY conditions

1-1- By registering in SAY and also with each use of SAY's services, users read the current rules and regulations of SAY in full and accept them with full knowledge of the terms of use. These terms & Conditions may change over time and therefore the continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these terms & Conditions or its terms & conditions.

1-2- In order to use SAY services, it is necessary for every user, whether a natural or legal person, to create an account on the site. And only people who are over 18 years old and have legal qualifications can create an account on the site. To use SAY service, the user must register his / her name, surname, e-mail address and mobile number on the site.

1-3- Users agree to enter the requested information correctly and up-to-date on the site and are responsible for the inaccuracy of the information announced by the users themselves. If it is proved otherwise, the company is allowed to pursue legal action with the competent authorities.

1-4- Users undertake to register on the SAY site only by phone or e-mail. Otherwise, the owner of the phone or e-mail is responsible to the interested person and the company will cancel the membership of the user as soon as it becomes aware of this issue.

1-5- Each person can only have one account on the site according to the phone. If the company becomes aware that there are multiple user accounts in the name of one person, whether natural or legal, the company will be allowed to terminate the services and deactivate the said user accounts.

1-6- The responsibility of all activities performed through the user account of natural or legal persons on the site or other services related to SAY is the responsibility of the registrant user. Therefore, the responsibility of non-users, who use the SAY services using the user account, is entirely the responsibility of the user. Therefore, the right to use the service and all related responsibilities and rights are the responsibility of the user or the user representative alone.

1-7- Users are responsible for maintaining the security of account information, including username and password. In case of loss or theft of account information, the user is obliged to inform the company as soon as possible. Obviously, as long as the company is not informed, it will be responsible for all activities that are and can be done through the said account.

1-8- Users do not have the right to allow other natural and legal persons to use their account or transfer their account to another natural or legal person. In the case of a legal entity user, the legal responsibilities for the use of SAY services will be borne by the managers of the said collections.

1-9- In certain circumstances, the user may be asked to use the services for authentication, in such cases, if the user does not provide sufficient information to the company, the company can block his account and refuse to provide services to the user. .

1-10- Users may request additional information, provide documents or modify existing information, as the case may be and at the discretion and discretion of SAY. In this case, the requested user will be obliged to provide information or correct the requested information within the period announced and requested by the company. Otherwise, the company can block his account and refuse to provide services to the user.

1-11- SAY may in some cases allow users to publish photos, text, audio file, image file or similar files on the website, mobile software or other parts of the system. Ownership of any content (including text, photos, audio files, video files, etc.) that is registered in this way in the service will still belong to users. However, by registering them in SAY-related services, users give SAY the right to publish them digitally or in print for any application at any place and at any time. SAY is also authorized to transfer the right to publish this material to other natural or legal persons.

1-12- if at the request of the user and in order to reduce the cost or improve the quality of maintenance and renewal services, instead of the user details, the details of the service provider company are registered, the ownership and all rights and responsibilities will still be the responsibility of the user.

1-13- Dear users, by using the thirty terms & conditions of this agreement / contract, you will accept and act upon it, and in total, all the terms & conditions and the "policy of confidentiality or non-disclosure of information" thirty, "contract" Is applied. This "agreement" is a binding agreement between the user and SAY regarding the user's use of SAY services.

1-14- Third party content in C is the content of other users, advertisers and third parties that is available to users on the C site. "Content" means any text, audio, video or video effect on users' job status, such as salary, company status, interview, company photo, logo, employer response, job position, employer profile information , Ads, Comments, Posts, Resumes, Messages, Files, Copy writing, Email, Data, or Other Content

1-15- Since SAY examines the contents of users on the site, the user agrees that:

(1) The site is not responsible for the content, including job positions and information about third party products and services, job or employer job positions, interviews and salary information provided by other users.

(2) There is no guarantee about the accuracy, correctness, appropriateness, reliability or quality of information in the content of users by the site.

(3) SAY assumes no responsibility for any unwanted, non-objectionable, inaccurate, misleading or illegal content made available by users, advertisers and third parties.

1-16- SAY allows users to post about employers or do things when the staff work with the employer as a full-time, part-time, contractor, freelancer, independent employee. Be part of the employer value chain.

1-17 SAY allows users to browse the employee companies they have placed in these roles. SAY considers all personnel to be "employees" in terms of content

Article 2 - Definitions and terms

2-1- Identity SAY:
SAY brand is owned by Ariana Analysts Company.

2-2- The identity of the real person user:
Is a user whose profile exists in the user area and the services provided are managed under her account.

2-3- Legal entity user identity:
In the case of users with the identity of a legal entity, a full-fledged representative is introduced in the user area. This representative has full authority over the service provided as a legal entity itself. The task of notifying the new representative in the future is the responsibility of the user, and C will not be responsible for the rights and performance of the user's ownership and responsibility if he does not receive the written notification.

2-4- site:
Software owned by the company, which in order to use the services of SAY, the right to use it temporarily in accordance with the terms of the contract and the present document is granted to users.

2-5- account:
It is an account created by individuals to use the SAY services on the SAY site.

Article 3- Support, maintenance, availability

3-1- SAY has no obligation to provide support or maintenance to users. SAY may make continuous changes, improvements and modifications to its site. It may also provide updates, upgrades, or corrections to SAY services. If taught by SAY not to use the previous version, SAY has no obligation to provide maintenance, troubleshooting, modifying, updating or upgrading SAY services.

3-2- SAY's liability for unintentional accidents and indirect damages to the user in the use of the service or user information will be limited to legal damages.

Article 4- Obligations of the user

4-1- The user is obliged to comply with all the laws of SAY and the Islamic Republic of Iran. In case of non-compliance, SAY has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the service and prosecute and receive damages from the user, and the user is obliged to compensate all damages and costs incurred on SAY.

4-2- Users are responsible for their own performance and must respect the rights of other SAY users. SAY reserves the right to permanently suspend or terminate a user service that intentionally or unintentionally disrupts the service of other users. And the user will not have the right to object.

4-3- The user agrees not to make any use in violation of the current laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as current international laws.

4-4- If SAY is due to the user's illegal use of services and products or due to sending spam or immoral cases; Delete the user information or take corrective action, the user will not have any right to protest.

4-5- The user is responsible for the content contained in the service provided by the user or connected to the domain used by SAY. This liability includes cases of intentional or inadvertent misconduct or cases committed by third parties.

4-6- In case of non-observance of the law of computer crimes, the user will be responsible for compensating all damages and material, spiritual, general and partial costs incurred in responding to the competent authorities.

Article 5- Obligations and powers of SAY.

5-1- SAY uses its monitoring to provide quality services to users.

5-2- SAY makes every effort to enable its software services to be used by users' devices, but does not guarantee that it will run on all devices or all communication networks (Internet, mobile phone network, etc.).

5-3- SAY reserves the right to review and revoke the use of the Services. In other words, SAY is allowed to block or block the user's access to the services at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

5-4- If the user's use of the Services results in legal action or threats against SAY, the Manager or one of the Managers, SAY will be allowed to terminate the Service to its User regardless of the outcome of such actions.

5-5- According to the law, in case of dealing with criminal cases, SAY is obliged to block the services and file a lawsuit and provide information to the user who has criminal content in her service or in the service connected to her domain.

5-6- All information that users are permitted to store in accordance with the Privacy Policy. It is protected as confidential information by SAY and access to it by third parties is prohibited unless decided by the competent judicial authority. Therefore, in case of request and issuance of an appropriate order by the judicial authorities, SAY is obliged to provide user information to the said authorities.

5-7- If any of the SAY users encounter any problems while using its services, they can file a complaint through the 24-hour call center and the SAY Complaints Unit, and will make the necessary follow-up and efforts to resolve disputes.

Article 6- Intellectual property rights

Use of the SAY Services does not imply ownership of any of the intellectual property and rights contained in the SAY Services or any content that you access. The user may not use the content of the SAY services unless the owner of those services permits the user or is otherwise permitted by law to do so. These terms do not give the user the right to use the name or trademark used in these services. Delete, obscure, or modify legal notices issued on SAY-Services.

Article 7- Compensation

7-1- SAY services are provided according to the specifications on the page of each service and there is no guarantee that the needs of users will be fully met.

7-2- Violation of any of the conditions listed in this section will result in the suspension of the service and the claim for damages. The SAY only detects a violation of the stated conditions.SAY reserves the right to terminate the service without prior notice or to avoid service. When SAY learns of a user's breach of the terms & conditions, he or she will conduct a technical or legal investigation into the matter. At this time, the user service may be temporarily suspended to prevent further violations. Upon completion of the investigation, SAY will be allowed to restrict, suspend or terminate the offending service, depending on the type of violation. SAY also reserves the right to prosecute the offender if necessary.

7-3- Violation of any of the conditions listed in this section will result in the suspension of the service and the claim for damages. The SAY only detects a violation of the stated conditions. SAY reserves the right to terminate the service without prior notice or to avoid service. When Si learns of a user's breach of the terms & conditions, he or she will conduct a technical or legal investigation into the matter. At this time, the user service may be temporarily suspended to prevent further violations.Upon completion of the investigation, SAY will be allowed to restrict, suspend or terminate the offending service, depending on the type of violation. SAY also reserves the right to prosecute the offender if necessary.

7-4- Any action that is not mentioned here but is contrary to the current laws of Iran or the country where the servers are located is also considered a violation of the terms of service.

7-5- SAY will not pay any money to the user who violates the terms of service under any heading such as claiming damages.

7-6- The offending user will be liable for damages to SAY in the following cases:

7-6-1- Use of software without respecting Iranian and international copyright.

7-6-2- The use of the Telegram robot is not allowed and if the Telegram robot is used in any way, the service will be suspended without notice.

7-6-3- The user is not allowed to use malicious code to type viruses or sources that infect or compromise server security.

7-6-4- Use of poorly written programs that infiltrate the service and other services and other users.

7-6-5- Technical report of SAY or IDC on which the host server is conducting illegal actions of SAY.

7-6-6- Non-observance of the Computer Crimes Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the user is obliged to obtain complete information about this law)

7-6-7- Performing activities that in any way disrupt the provision of SAY services to the user or other users.

7-6-8- Using the service to disrupt or infiltrate third party systems.

7-6-9- Failure to comply with the scope of use of allocated resources in each service.

7-6-10- Disrupt system or network security.

In the event of such issues, C reserves the right to prosecute and sue the offender. Examples of system or network security breaches include: Unauthorized access to or use of data, system or network, including any attempt to search, scan or test for vulnerabilities in a system or network, interference with service delivery To any user, host or network, including: attempting to access electronic mail information, deliberate attempt to fill a system space, attempting to change or delete website information without permission from their owners, and so on.

Article 8- Security and confidentiality

8-1- In general, the Internet environment is as secure as other communication environments such as mail, fax, and telephone for the transmission of confidential information. Eavesdropping information may be heard in all of these environments. For this reason, while SAY makes every effort to create a secure environment for the storage and exchange of information in a confidential manner, it nevertheless urges users to always consider their online Internet communications to be insecure. SAY does not accept any responsibility for the security of the exchange of information from its network and servers.

8-2- SAY is responsible for maintaining the basic security of its services with its security measures.

8-3- SAY is not responsible for security vulnerabilities caused by the software, sites or applications used by the user.

8-4- Although SAY has encrypted all its communications with the user, it is not responsible for the security of SAY data exchange between the user and its servers.

8-5- SAY is not responsible for third parties obtaining the password for user services.

8-6- SAY is obliged to respect the confidentiality of all data and software available in the service and also will not provide it to third parties.

8-7- SAY strives to ensure the highest possible level of security for users' online accounts, so SAY is not responsible for matters that are the responsibility of the user in terms of maintaining the security of their account.

8-8- SAY considers the right to disclose any information necessary for the implementation of laws, regulations and in general legal procedures and requests of judicial and governmental bodies, as well as the right to edit, reject, send or delete any items or information in whole or in part.SAY reserves for itself in every case.

8-9- SAY is responsible for the full protection of the user's personal information and has no right to use or provide it to third parties, and only if a court order is received will the offending user's personal information be provided to the judicial authority as required by law.

Article 9- The governing law and dispute resolution

9-1- Note that all the principles and procedures of SAY are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of consumer protection, and consequently the user is obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. Should there be any changes in the rules, procedures and services of SAY in the future, they will be published and updated on this page, and you agree that your continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of any such changes.

9-2- The applicant also undertakes to comply with all international and domestic copyright laws on its website and to refrain from harassing other Internet users, manipulating and hacking other sites, any illegal use of their e-mail and other similar matters. Syed, any violation of the use of the service will be subject to the law of electronic commerce

9-3- Special agreements will be valid only in writing and with the authorized seal and signature, and agreements with personnel in writing or orally or in any other form will be void.

9-4- In the event of a dispute, in order to resolve the dispute, the user is obliged to first report the matter to the public relations unit or the C office and receive a written receipt. If the issue is not addressed after 15 days of work, the user can refer to the Complaints Commission of the National Association of Virtual Businesses to investigate the issue. In addition, the user has accepted the opinion of this council as a judgment of the parties and will not have the right to complain or request a ruling to other authorities.

Article 10- Termination

10-1- SAY can change the text of this agreement at any time without prior notice, and all SAY users, by subscribing to the SAY site, accept the SAY rules and will not need to obtain a signature from the user, and all damages to SAY by the user In any way, including non-observance of national laws, inserting immoral content, filtering, cyber attacks, hacking, etc., the user will be responsible and SAY without any prior notice to cut off access or failure to provide services of their own free will or To act on the written or oral order of judicial authorities.

10-2- Your access to SAY Services will be terminated if you do not agree to a change in SAY Terms or Services.